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Wrapping a Gift Box

What type of material can you choose when wrapping a gift box? This article reveals several options to create the right appearance.

The finish line

Now that your gift box is made, how do you plan to wrap it, and what covering will you choose? Not only do you have a variety of closure options, you also need to find the right wrapping material.

Perhaps you won’t wrap it and will present it without any type of additional closure. This is appropriate when your gift box includes an attached or detached lid. Such a lid applied directly atop the box will brace the inner items from shifting out of place. You can control the lid more by adding a seal, such as a sticker or tape, on the underside between the lid and box.

Choosing the wrap

When wrapping a gift box, the closure material you select depends on certain factors:

  • Occasion
  • Gender
  • Product availability

There are times you can find the material you want to use and other times when that product cannot be found. For example, wrapping materials are plentiful during the holiday season or during state or countrywide celebrations. Sometimes you have wrapping that is reusable from a gift you’ve received, and you choose that. Look at what you have available before you hunt for wrapping at local shops.

Five options

Here is a list of popular materials selected to wrap gifts:

  • Gift wrap – found at card and gift shops
  • Brown paper – available at gift shops and office supply retailers
  • Cellophane – purchase at card shops and discount stores
  • Shrink wrap – available at craft stores
  • Netted bag – specialty shops may keep this in stock as well as some supermarkets

Now that you know more about wrapping a gift box, which material is your favorite, and which do you believe you won’t use often?

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