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Where to Find Wooden Crates

Wondering where to find wooden crates to make gift box gifts? This article points you in the right direction.

Back to the future

As soon as I saw a wooden crate at a local farmers market, I had to have one. After 40 years that same crate is still in my possession.

This crate was discarded on a street close to the market. I took it home and cleaned it as well as sanded down the splintered areas.

At the time I thought nothing about using the object for gift giving. Today, such crates are the foundation that house treasures family, friends, and customers adore receiving.

As with gift baskets, crates are filled with all types of gifts and goodies. When emptied, crates find a place in homes and offices to hold other items and serve as great memories of past celebrations. The same is true with all types of gift boxes we select to create gifts.

Where to find wooden crates

Today, it’s a bit too taxing to search for crates on the street as I did many years ago. In addition, you must ensure that crates you select are sanitized due to health concerns. No more side-of-the-road pickups, especially when making gifts for profit!

Here are five places where wooden crates are potentially found whether making them as a hobby or a business.

  • Wholesale suppliers
  • Wine and spirit shops
  • Retail craft stores
  • Flea markets/swap meets
  • Crate manufacturers

When making crate-based gifts as a hobby, one or two at a time is usually the normal buying or pick-up (free of charge) process. If you make these gifts as part of a business, buying wholesale is the favored route.

Type the words “crate suppliers,” “wholesale crates,” or similar phrases in your preferred search engine to find supplies online. Also, consider adding your city, state, or country to the phrase to find local suppliers.

Creative crate options

Wooden crates are generally a light tan color. You can change the look by:

  • Spray painting the outer surface or entire crate
  • Having your name and/or logo burned into each side
  • Covering the crate in fabric or another material

Whatever you choose to make your wooden crates a desirable enhancement in homes and offices is a branding technique you can achieve.

Which types of crates (short, long, state shaped, square, etc.) are your favorite?

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