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Where Do You Put the Lid?

Before you begin customizing a gift box, you must make a design decision – where do you put the lid? This article uncovers three options.

A requirement for most designs

Not all boxes include a lid. However, most do especially ones made from cardboard and printed on the outside with floral, striped, or another pattern. People who receive gift boxes often repurpose the box to house other items after all of the gifts and goodies are removed.

Lids help to keep those items intact and free of dust. In general, it’s a necessary complement to the container, and if it’s not included, that box better be so spectacular that a lid truly is unnecessary.

Where do you put the lid?

In the 1990s, when designers began heavy experimentation with gift basket making, they weren’t satisfied with the lid’s placement at the bottom of the box. While that was okay, the word okay doesn’t do our designing justice. We want a wow effect every time what we make is presented to the receiver and seen by others in their presence.

As mentioned, the lid on the box bottom is one option. That position can add stability when items are heavy, but how about:

  • Diagonally seating it in the back of the box (as shown in the photograph). This gives the box what’s known as a back wall for items to lean against.
  • Diagonally adding it from one corner to the opposing corner. This option splits the box into two separate triangular-shaped compartments. This choice allows you to include items in those spaces on either side of the lid.

In either case, the lid is stabilized in elevation because of the box’s configuration. Both methods are attractive, and the items are secure. It looks great whether shown in photographs, displayed in store, or shipped to its destination.

Choose your method

Now that you have options to place the box lid beneath, in back of, or diagonally placed, which method is your first to try?

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