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What is a Gift Box?

Not sure about the difference between a gift basket and gift box? This article answers the question: what is a gift box?

A slight difference

Gift boxes are the close relative of gift baskets. Instead of vertically placing gifts and goodies (foods and snacks) into a basket, the chosen items are horizontally organized within a box. This process is usually easier than making a gift basket. Why? Because the flat organization may take a shorter time to arrange.

Sometimes it takes longer!

Items in a gift box are sorted according to:

  • Theme (reason for giving)
  • Color (what the receiver prefers)
  • Size (what fits where)

Box types

When you think of a box, you may think about a wooden container. That’s one type, but there’s more, as the word box describes the gift’s foundation, which is a flat surface versus a standup basket. Boxes can be made from:

  • Wood
  • Fabric
  • Silver (trays)
  • The top lid of any box

Gift boxes are also made in every shape from square to rectangular and other configurations.

Why a gift box?

Sometime around Year 2010, buyers began requesting fewer baskets as part of their gifting. This shift was noticeable to gift designers worldwide who decided the requests were valid enough to honor the shift. The same income made from gift basket designing now includes making gift boxes which take less effort for long-time designers to make.

In many cases, gift boxes take less room to store. Think about the size of a basket, whether small or large, next to the size of a box which can be nested into each other depending on the shape. Baskets can also fit inside each other (a good example are Russian dolls), but the larger, outside basket still takes up lots of room.

Now you know more about what is a gift box. How will you choose which types of boxes to make your gorgeous gifts?

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