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Three Ways to Brand Your Gift Box

What’s your outside-the-box marketing strategy? Here are three ways to brand your gift box.

Gone are the days

There was a time when placing your business card inside a blank box was considered marketing. You hoped that the gift receiver would see and keep the card and call you in the future to order a gift.

That time is officially over.

Whether your gift is designed in a wooden crate, acrylic container, or bakery box, seeing your business name on the outside packaging is as important as the items you include on the inside.

Think about it this way. The box you see above represents your company. It’s the box that contains items customers order frequently. They love how the person chosen to receive the gift lifts the lid and gasps at seeing all the deliciousness inside.

For you, it’s critically important to let the receiver know who created this collection, because that person needs your business name, phone number, and website details to send the next gift box to a friend or loved one.

Three ways to brand your gift box

Which of these options are your choice to brand your gift box?

Many suppliers create stunning labels, in all sizes and shapes, to attach onto your box. Labels adhere on the top or side depending on your overall vision.

It’s easier today to find suppliers that customize ribbon, available in various widths and colors, with your business name. You can also purchase equipment to make your own branded ribbon.

Hot Stamping
Suppliers that furnish you with wood crates (also known as wooden boxes) have the ability to burn your business name into each side of the crate. It’s a technique many gift box makers choose.

What to include as part of your brand

Your decision to brand with labels, ribbon, or hot stamping also includes the choice of how much information you wish to add. Of course, your business name will stand out, but what else will be part of the branding? Logo? Phone number? Website URL? Something else? Choose well so you market wisely without overwhelming the receiver.

You now have three ways to brand your gift box? Which other methods are your favorite?

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