Three Considerations for Your Gift Box Shape, by Shirley George Frazier. All rights reserved. Image by Engin Akyurt from Pixabay.

Three Considerations for Your Gift Box Shape

What’s your vision for creating extraordinary gifts? Before you start, here are three considerations for your gift box shape.

Start with vision

When you think about a gift box, your thoughts often begin with a square or rectangular shaped box. Thankfully, you have other choices. This expanded selection is similar to the way designers once thought about making gifts in baskets without handles. Handle-less baskets were not popular, but they are now thanks to the rise of gift boxes.

Here are three considerations for your gift box shape to keep in mind as you prepare to make the next gift for a family member, friend, or customer.


Instead of choosing a wooden or cardboard box, you might consider a container in the shape of a U.S. state or the country where you reside. This popular option is one often picked when creating a gift for a person who’s from a different region than their current location.


When selecting a round container, items must fit in a particular way so spaces around the inner edges either include products, enhancements (faux flowers as an example), or shred. Such products are often small and can be positioned in ways that elevate the gift box’s appearance.


Your shape selection also helps you decide which type of wrapping material to choose. Certain shapes don’t pair well with cellophane which can make wrapping awkward and time consuming. This is why many designers count on shrink wrap bags or shells for easy containment.

End with a masterpiece

There are more options than what’s mentioned here to create a gorgeous gift box. However, long-time designers focus on these foundations to ensure their customers and recipients love what they receive.

Now that you have three considerations for your gift box shape, which of these options will you consider first? Which ones have you tried in the past and achieved success or handled a small challenge before completing the design?

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