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How to Repurpose Cigar Boxes

Have you thought about cigar boxes as part of your gift box assortment? Start considering it now as you learn how to repurpose cigar boxes.

Not just for cigars

Boxes made to house cigars are attractive and fashionable for creating gift box gifts. If you’re unfamiliar with cigar boxes, the above photograph depicts some of the many available options.

You’ll see that these boxes are not always slim and short. They’re also made with sizable widths to stack cigars atop each other. Both box types allow you to create similar designs in small, medium, and large collections, providing customers with options and giving you a healthy income boost.

For example, a small design could house 3-4 items. Medium will hold 5-8 gifts, and large might contain 8 or more items. As with gift baskets, the contents depends on the box’s width and height.

Where to find cigar boxes

Cigar box manufacturers and wholesale suppliers are the first place in your search. They have the widest variety and best prices. Let your preferred search engine investigate where suppliers are located. You may be pleasantly surprised to find a supplier close to your location.

Cigar retailers may also have empty boxes that they normally discard. Visit a shop and ask a representative about their system for discarding, repurposing, or simply giving away the remnants.

One thing you do not want to share with the rep is how you design gifts for profit with the boxes. That, of course, will immediately trigger a sales opportunity for the retailer giving them thoughts on how to repurpose cigar boxes.

Still, if you purchase discarded boxes, the price may be as low as buying boxes through a wholesaler. You’ll have to research this option on your own.

Food in cigar boxes

Choosing to place foods and beverages in this box type is not unusual. The choice depends on you, and it also depends on the box’s condition. If the box contains a heavy cigar aroma, that box may not be best for food. In fact, that box may also not be a good candidate for spa or self care products.

You can remove the cigar scent through cleaning that won’t harm the wood or dull any outside stickers that enhance the box.

Are cigar boxes an option for women’s gifts?

Some of these gorgeous boxes have a rugged look that conveys using it for men’s designs while others may contain colors that are more feminine. Your expert design instinct will tell you if certain cigar boxes (without the cigar aroma) are elegant and attractive enough to include in your women’s gift box inventory.

In addition, your female clients will let you know if such a box is appropriate. Why not ask them when taking an order by phone? You can also use a box in your online store as a test. Show the same design as a birthday gift as two options: one in a medium-sized cigar box and one in a traditional wooden box. Orders will let you know which one is the winner.

A box worth your consideration

Now that you have ideas on how to repurpose cigar boxes, what’s your first step in considering these unique boxes, or is this choice not for you?

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