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How to Organize a Stack Box Gift

When you have multiple items to include in a gift, how can you make it all look great? Here’s how to organize a stack box gift for a perfect presentation.

Competitive expectations

When you look for a gift for someone special, which type of design gets your attention?

A gift that’s short in stature or the one that’s tall?

While both options are attractive, most times you will choose the tall gift. That’s what I learned long ago when I began judging gift design competitions. All of the entries were dazzling. Every item and enhancement was meticulously placed. However, judges often selected taller gifts as category winners.

I often found myself on the opposing side, judging gifts for overall elegance and creativity rather than height. This is not to state that there was a right or wrong way to judge but to point out how competitions frequently favor tall gift designs.

How to organize a stack box gift

When you have lots of items to include for the occasion, one decision is to add different gift categories into several boxes. This is where the stack box gifting option makes sense. As an example, a friend will soon celebrate their birthday. This is a person who’s been there for you, sharing the ups and downs of everyday life. How do you create this gift?

  • One box contains all of their favorite treats, goodies they rarely buy but enjoy.
  • Another box is filled with spa items and grooming tools, things for personal care.
  • The final box includes seeds and gardening tools to enjoy their pastime hobby.

That’s how you organize a stack box gift to:

  • Provide the friend with items for their overall lifestyle.
  • Separate porous items so soapy smells don’t seep into foods.
  • Create a grand assortment that will always be remembered.

Box type doesn’t matter

Whether you choose boxes with the same color or different styles is up to you. The selection will be appreciated while the items are grouped in a way that protects the contents and thrills the receiver.

How will you bring beauty to your next stack box gift?

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