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Four Tips to Arrange a Gift Box

How do you decide how your design will appear when done? Here are four tips to arrange a gift box.

It takes time

Creating a gift that resembles a masterpiece takes a bit of time, especially when you’re new to gift box making. You fuss over where this will go and where that will appear. The size, width, and shape of each food and gift makes you question your ability, but know this: you’re on the right track.

Every designer goes through this seemingly-difficult dilemma at the beginning. Suddenly, your expertise kicks in, and you no longer take 60 minutes or more to make that stunning gift. This is especially true because the longer it takes to create that design, the more money you lose if selling gift boxes is your primary income.

Need some support to fine tune your masterpiece gifts? Here are four tips to make the process easier.

Four tips to arrange a gift box

Choose the appropriate container

Whether square, round, or rectangular, selecting the best container for the number and type of items is the first step. For example, a spa gift is identified with a mini bathtub as the foundation. It’s okay if what you choose isn’t an exact match which is why a box is a general favorite.

Allow some space between items

Most gift boxes display foods and gifts similar to the way soldiers line up – one next to the other with space between them. The space can highlight shred that cushions each item, or you can include faux greenery or another enhancement in that area.

Go horizontal and vertical

Every item in your gift box does not have to be positioned the same way. If one item’s writing on the package goes one way and another item’s words are read in another direction, that’s perfectly fine. The same is true about positioning differently in terms of width and length.

Letting a few items overlap is okay

If space between items is an issue, it’s perfectly fine for items to be next to each other touching on the sides. That’s the dominant way designers create gift baskets so the gift appears full and abundant. You’ll know by sight if the gift box appears too crowded.

A puzzle you can solve

As with making gift baskets, each gift you create in a box, crate, or other container is similar to solving a puzzle. You’ll find the right fit for each piece, and in the end the person receiving the gift will be elated when they see what you’ve made.

What part of arranging a gift box is most difficult for you?

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