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Designing with Box Lids

Have you considered designing with box lids? This article helps you recognize the gift-making potential you may not see at first.

Change your perspective

Consider this: you walk into your favorite supply store and see a bunch of box lids on clearance. Because it’s just lids, the price is outrageously low. It’s as if someone wanted empty boxes with no top covering. You wonder, “What can I do with all these lids? Is there a design opportunity?”

The answer is yes. For years designers have been creating gifts with lids as the base. Sometimes we turn up the lid to give the contents a small lining of protection. The short lip around the edges acts as a barrier so nothing spills out. We also design by turning the lid down so the gifts and goodies on top are elevated.

The method you choose depends on your design style for the occasion.

Gift box ideas

Because a box lid is not large (unless is was atop a huge hat box), gifts made with lids are small. Such gifts are made differently than with traditional boxes and baskets. They don’t include enhancements (no stability), but they can be wrapped in cellophane or shrink wrap. Reasons to make such a gift include:

  • Thank you
  • Hostess
  • New pet

Many other occasions exist, but you get the point. Designing with box lids is quick and easy. Lids are petite yet still make an impact to say what words cannot express.

Box lid story

One holiday season I decided to thank my bank’s branch representative for his support in helping me set up my business accounts. I didn’t want to give him anything too big, so I chose a box lid as the container. Favorful snacks and a beverage were added before wrapping it with cellophane and adding a green and white bow.

The representative was thankful and impressed when I presented it to him. Later in the day he called my office and asked if I could make the same gift for several of his clients. That request was a surprise which helped me expand my marketing to those clients who called me numerous times the following months to order gifts for their clients.

Designing with box lids

The first item we search for when making a gift box gift is a pretty box, a container with high walls. Try not to overlook box lids. They are sturdy and attractive for many gifts you make for family and friends.

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