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Choosing a Plain or Printed Box

Which gift box color is your favorite? Here’s the lowdown on choosing a plain or printed box.

Searching for your preference

When you make gift boxes as a business, you always want to buy from wholesalers. That’s because you spend less money in order to make a profit with each sale.

However, some of the more-appealing boxes are found at retail home furnishing stores. The ones available in sets are often displayed stacked atop each other with the larger one on the bottom.

Boxes available in solid colors make a great gift option. You can glam them up with all types of enhancements and coordinating colors. Printed boxes, which is the example in this photo, also have mass appeal. The global picture creates a great gift for the world traveler or someone who wishes to travel more often.

International intentions

The theme for this box is Global Getaway and includes foods and flavors from numerous countries.

  • Mexican cocoa
  • Brazil nuts
  • Scottish shortbread
  • Caribbean jam
  • Spanish chips
  • Canadian salmon

The netting around the box’s rim and at the top surround the contents providing a framework for the occasion. You’ll find such netting at retail fabric stores as well as through wholesale suppliers. The two-tone ribbon helps to elevate and stabilize the top netting.

This photo does not show the box’s lid which is attached at the back. Like the ribbon, the lid’s elevation secures the contents and provides an attractive backdrop when looking at the gift from the opposite side.

Choosing a plain or printed box

It’s wonderful that you have a choice in choosing the box appearance for any occasion. The main concern is will the retailer or wholesaler you visit have what you want in stock. Solid-color boxes cover a wide range of gift options while printed ones must have a picture of the precise occasion you wish to highlight.

Which option is your favorite when choosing a plain or printed box?

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