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3 Gift Box Tips You Need to Know

Not sure how to create gorgeous gifts contained in boxes? Here are 3 gift box tips you need to know.

Not as easy as you think

My husband once called the process of gift creation easy. Those words made me bristle, and I let him know this artform is one we designers meticulously create. Every gift that leaves our studios is perfectly made and topped with a bow no one will discard.

Whether you make gift boxes for fun or profit, it’s truly a dynamic way to express your talent, love, and appreciation of friends, family, and clients. Your heart and soul is packaged with that collection. When you see the expression on the receiver’s face, you know you’ve made a positive difference in their day and possibly their life.

This is why no one ought to consider what we create as easy. However, some parts of making gorgeous gifts can be bumpy which is why the following tips are shared.

3 gift box tips you need to know

Choose the best size box for the number of items.

If your box looks sparce, with too much space between gifts and goodies, pick a smaller box that’s better for the collection. The opposite is true when there’s too much overlap. If the collection appears crowded, you need a larger box.

Brown paper on the bottom isn’t always required.

Sometimes adding a cushion of shred or curled wood shavings beneath the gifts is good enough. At other times adding crushed brown paper (also known as Kraft paper) is necessary to elevate items when the box is deep. Experimentation is needed to determine the best appearance.

Color matching pleases the eye.

It’s wonderful when all gifts have similar color within the packaging, but this isn’t always possible. When packaging contains multiple colors, add a one-color shred that balances the mix. Choose the shred color that best complements the overall design.

Moving forward with ease

Now that you have 3 gift box tips you need to know, which of the three will benefit your gift boxes? What tip can you share that you’ve found to be helpful when creating gift box gifts?

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