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10 Places to Buy Gift Boxes

Where can you find boxes when you need one? If you’re not sure, here’s a list of 10 places to buy gift boxes.

The search is on

Finding a gift box at the exact moment you want one seems so daunting. It’s similar to needing a white shirt. All of a sudden no store stocks them.

While we’ll never understand how this happens, there are many places you may not have visited that might have the gift box you need.

I’ve seen boxes at supermarkets and, of course, at yard sales, but those places are hit and miss. Depending on your position in making a gift box gift (hobbyist or professional designer), you do have choices on where to turn. The following list features places that usually sell boxes in different sizes and styles.

As with supermarkets and yard sales mentioned earlier, not all of these locations will have gift boxes for sale year round. Wholesalers have the best overall prices, of course, because they sell merchandise to business owners. However, gift boxes are available at steeply-discounted prices after major holidays that occur where you live.

10 places to buy gift boxes

In the U.S., stores such as Target and Michaels are good places to purchase post-Christmas boxes of all sizes encased with sparkles. They are pretty and appropriate for any gift-giving occasion. Whether those two stores are near or far from your location, this list features other places that hopefully are accessible.

  • Wholesale suppliers
  • Home furnishing retailers
  • Local box manufacturers
  • Office supply stores
  • Discount retailers
  • Gift shops
  • Card and gift stores
  • Warehouse clubs
  • Arts and craft retailers
  • Home improvement stores

One of the listed places is the local box manufacturer. This is a commercial / industrial company that makes corrugated boxes. The boxes are usually made for moving and storage. However, because they have equipment to make all types of boxes, this firm might have an assortment you want.

If there is a manufacturer close to you, call and ask if they make gift boxes. The worst they’ll say is no. From there, you have nine more options on the list to visit and see what’s available.

Next step

Keep in mind to also use your favorite online search engine to find the boxes you need.

Now that you have a list of 10 places to buy gift boxes, which one will you visit first when a gift-giving occasion presents itself?

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